Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Musings: The Target Edition

Musings are back!…Did you think the A to Z Challenge depleted my brain?  It may have, that remains to be scene…er, seen!

Thoughts on Target ~

I am ahead of the game.  When Target first come to Florence, I boycotted them then.   I was irritated that they plowed down all those beautiful trees (that now no one can even remember!) in the springtime, when mother birds had their young in the nests.   After a few years, I periodically ventured into the store, and I sometimes found a little something to buy.  But I rarely shopped there before the restroom hoopla, and never once, in the times I’ve visited the store, did I visit their restroom.

Since they’ve announced that anyone who ”feels like a woman today” can choose the restroom of their choice, people who disagreed had meltdowns, and people who applauded the free-for-all policy had meltdowns about the people who disagreed.   It was a social media maelstrom for a week or more.  AFA started a boycott move, and as of this posting, there are over 1,200,000 signatures.  

I wonder how many people would be so anxious to sign a WalMart boycott?  
But that would be meddling, then, wouldn’t it?  

My opinion, since I know you all are wondering (or not), I think the safety of even one child or one woman outweighs a man who “identifies as a woman” so much that he wants to use a woman’s restroom.  It's not about "transgender" people.   It's about a sexual predator who would take full advantage of this new way to target victims by simply saying he was more comfortable in the ladies room .  I have to be honest, from what I know about men’s restrooms…t’were I a man…I’d rather use the women’s room, too. 

At the risk of being called sexist {and I roll my eyes as I type that word}, I think females would be at greater risk than males in this situation. 

One final thought about Target:  On their Facebook page, they keep pointing out that they also have a single-stall "bathroom" for people who are more comfortable with that "format."   Wouldn’t common sense dictate that they put this option in all stores and leave the ladies room alone?  

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  1. Truly agree with your last comment that those who are having "issues" should use the single stall available. Target really messed this one up and its going to hurt them in the long run. No other retailer is backing them up and issuing such a statement about bathroom use; I think they are watching to see what will help to Target. I like Target and I know my niece loved to spend hours there roaming the shelves. She won't now. There's one literally around the corner from us; I was just thinking how convenient it would be to do Christmas shopping, and then this fiasco. Oh well.



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