Friday, July 29, 2016

Rejectitude...My Really Bad Day

Yesterday morning, someone told me something that had been said behind my back.  I was upset about it, but I tried to just let it go.  Sometimes, that’s hard for me.

Then, someone called me and said something to my face…er, ear…that I wouldn’t have liked in the first place, but with my emotions already smacked around, I took it pretty hard.   I felt as if on top of what else I was feeling, I now can’t be myself with what I say.

When I got home and checked my email, there was an unsubscribe notification from my blog.  I don’t like that, but I certainly understand if someone isn’t enthralled with what I say, but the timing could have been a little better because I was already having a poor, poor pitiful me day.
On a more positive note, sometimes you all, Gentle Readers, pleasantly surprise me with how many of you visit.  Thank you so much, I really do appreciate you.

But back to “Woe is me:” to top off the evening, we had no water.   Apparently a water main burst somewhere in my town.  I was trying to not take it personally, because I know the water couldn’t really run away from me.

I like to get a couple of months worth of “bad day” shoved into one to get it out of the way. 

I didn’t console myself last night with chocolate chip cookies, but today...well, the day is young yet...still too early to see if my rejectitude (attitude of rejection) is going to be better.  I think I coined that term...

On the plus side, it is the beginning of the weekend.  On the A-plus side, I only have to work half a day!  


  1. Trouble always seems to come in a pack, or maybe that's heaps. You're not going to please everybody, but we always think we can. Elections? They should call 'em how to lose friends and make enemies. You wanna vote for Hitler? Should I like you less? Doesn't make sense, does it?

    1. Well...I suppose I knew with my recent posts I was sure to offend someone! Your analogy on elections is straight on because people do get mad because someone is supporting the "other" candidate. I'll be glad when it's over. Thank you for visiting.

  2. I like you, Margaret! :D Even if my political comments are annoying... :}

    Hugs, Girlfriend.


    1. Ha! Yours aren't any more annoying than mine. :) Thanks, Girlfriend.

  3. I was going to say things came in three, then I read the part of you not having water, which would have made things come in four. Hopefully this will be the last of a bad day for a bit and that you have a stunning weekend.


    1. I guess I just needed a whine-fest. I hope the weekend is stunning, too! I could use one. ☺


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