Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts: The Power and Authority Edition

While watching videos of people blocking roads as a protest to whichever current event they were unhappy about, it occurred to me that the protesters, in their flesh-and-blood bodies, had no power.   They used fear and intimidation to stop drivers who didn’t want their cars dented or their windows broken, but real power?   No, they didn’t have that.

What was happening is that the drivers granted authority to the protesters by stopping.  Bodies are no match for machinery.  The cars had the power!  The authority to accelerate belonged to the driver.  I’m not suggesting a driver should run over protesters, but had the cars inched onward, the bodies would have no choice but to submit to power and authority.

It’s a little like satan, isn’t it?  
He doesn’t have authority in our lives until we hand it to him. 

There are powerful people in the world.   Two of them are running for President…we need to use extreme caution when handing great authority to those who have power.  We must take the time to make informed decisions.

We already live in a nation where people are nervous to talk about Jesus and are scared to stand up for Biblical principles!   Christians face real consequences for exercising religious freedom.   If you are happy with the road that America is on, if you want more liberal voices ruling our supreme courts, if you are okay with keeping prayer out of social events, and Bibles out of schools (but easily accessible in prisons), then give authority to Hillary Clinton.

But remember, truth matters.
So does justice.
God is not pleased when no one cries out for justice.

If you are not happy with the road America is on, consider a president who has the audacity to be politically incorrect.   A man who had the gumption to choose a running mate who would simply say of himself, “The introduction I prefer is…I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.”   If you want a leader who won’t be afraid to make decisions unpopular with liberal America, give authority to Donald Trump.

Where will you grant authority?  It is a crucial decision at a critical time, and it deserves your fullest attention and your deepest consideration.   I am asking you to prayerfully and diligently consider your choices.  


  1. That's my prayer too that people will really study the candidates, their platforms, etc., and continue to pray about it. Good points raised about our votes counting on who is going to have the authority here in the country.

    We need to definitely humble ourselves; been studying that as it relates to God's word. We need to admit that we are nothing without God and he has the final authority in everything and then totally submit ourselves to him. The Bible does say that God is pleased when he sees those in authority humble themselves.


    1. I guess too many of us think that we don't need God in our politics. Very sad state of affairs when God's not involved. Thanks, Betty.

  2. So far, neither candidate qualifies to have this --> "But remember, truth matters.So does justice" attached to their name. If it weren't for the ungodly beliefs the Dems are promoting, not one Christian would feel at ease with Trump. I would give you a list of examples as to why I believe that, but just a clear eye and open ear to what he has said--actually said--is sufficient to support my opinion.

    And where does that leave me? I stand in a Kool-Aid free zone, knowing I can't vote for Hilary and appalled by the narcissistic, foul-mouthed, arrested adolescent who is the other choice.

    Frankly, my choice is Mike Pence...who Trump picked, not because of courage, but to appease traditional Republican conservatives, Christians and others who are offended by who Trump has shown himself to be. It was not a move that revealed a righteous character, but a move that showed a political judgment on how to best win.

    But God can use that. God can work a transformation thru Pence in Trump's life, if Trump is who God chooses to be president. Or Circumstance can happen that none of us expect.

    I am in great dismay--and huge faith-filled hope--regarding the current status of this election. I am earnestly trying to resist temptation wile I trust in God to pull this one out.

    About the car analogy. The reason cars aren't guided into the crowd, slowly or Quickly--is because the drivers are decent people who are not willing to risk injuring others by depending on the others to have the sense to get out of the way. They choose God's standards, trust His decisions, knowing that the others only seem to be prevailing. They don't root for heavier, more lethal cars driven by reckless people to get the job done.

    Sigh. Margaret, I know you love God and only want His will. We'll both land where God wants us by November.


    1. Well, Deb...I have to go back to the remembering that if God can use a donkey...he can use Donald Trump. It is my belief that God put Mike Pence in this place...I know a lot of us have been praying, and He does hear us.

      The car analogy...don't get too logical on me, now. The point is simply that the drivers, if they chose to, could move the protesters out of the way with their car, but stopping gave authority to dimwits (is it a sin to call them that?) to stop a whole line of cars, two ways, and disrupt a lot of peoples schedules for a while. If both sides had just inched along, it wouldn't be long until they'd be out of the way. But, as you say, decency prevailed.

    2. Seriously chuckling out loud. I've used that donkey reference often, especially when someone gives me "I don't know how you do that" feedback on my public speaking. (Truly, if God didn't show up when I stand up, it would be a painful 20 minutes for all involved. People think I'm just being modest when I say that, but it is absolutely true.)

      I'm open to voting for him--with that whole donkey ting firmly in mind--but I'm not sure yet. We'll see how it unfolds and what I think God is saying. I still have an unshakable feeling that neither Trump or Hilary will be the president. Could be my own unwillingness to suspend disbelief...


    3. I hear rumblings of martial law...but I think it's just rumblings. One of the two will win, and then we'll either be headed on an upswing or down the tubes. Either way, we are God's children, and He's got a better place than this old world waiting on us!


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