Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Uncommitted Thoughts...

Reflections at Deibert Park, Florence, AL

On the RNC…
It was nice to hear Jesus mentioned on television on Monday...even if Mark Burns was a little unpastorish when he forgot that our war is not against flesh and blood.   I coined the term "unpastorish," but I won't accuse you of plagiarism if you use it.

I lost respect for John Kasich because of his absence at the convention in his own state.  I was also disappointed with the Bush family and Mitt Romney for sitting this convention, and possibly this election out...but Mitt disappointed me some months ago with his negativity.

Ben Carson was great last night, as was Chris Christie.   I never did like Chris Christie...but I thought he did a good job of pumping up the crowd.   Tiffany Trump did a great job, too.  I was nervous for her, but she pulled it off nicely.   Sheriff David A Clark also had a rousing speech.

I haven't watched every minute of the RNC...but Fox folks are driving me bonkers cutting in and talking over the speech givers...that's what they did to Tiffany, so I didn't get to see all of what she said.   And why can I not bear to look at/listen to Megyn Kelly?  

On Melania…
The speech!   Is it just me, or is there an awful lot of attention on a few similar statements in Michelle’s and Melania’s speeches?  Making such a huge deal out of a few general sentences reflecting what most people feel almost sounds like a diversionary tactic, doesn't it?  There are real issues in America, let's talk about important things, not just a few sentences out of a great speech.  This morning, the spin is starting again with DT Jr's speech.

On Michelle…
Did she really coin any of that pep talk from 2008?   Before MO, nobody ever said "Work hard for what you want?"  "Treat people with respect?"  "Be willing to work to achieve your dreams?"  And no one ever said anything about passing your own values on to your children?   Before the video that is now making the social media fast track, I had never heard a word MO’s speech, and I’ve said similar things myself…I’ll bet you have, too.   

Chris Matthews…
"That woman" has a name, it's Patricia Smith, and her son lost his life in Benghazi.  Her speech didn’t ruin anything, Mr. Matthews.  Aren't you ready to retire yet?

On what is really important:
We all have to decide for ourselves what’s more important to us…but as a woman and as an American, I cannot fathom why anyone would ever vote for Hillary Clinton, much less a professing Christian.   I am fully aware that HC supporters feel basically the same way about DT.  

On Donald Trump…
I have never been a fan of The Donald.  I didn’t watch his show, and I’ve never followed his story.   When he first announced his candidacy, I rolled my eyes and laughed it off.   I didn’t vote for him in the primary.    But now…he has my vote.   I believe he is receptive to prayer and Godly guidance.  Like I said, we all have to decide what’s important to us, and that is very important to me.       

On Mike Pence…
My little bit of research on him gives me a first impression that he is a good VP choice. 

On the election…
Trump will win by a landslide.


  1. Totally agree. I missed most of last nights convention as I was watching the NextGen Shoals live stream on the mayoral debate. I only hope you are correct about the landslide.

    1. I missed the mayoral debate...How did Susan Goode do?

  2. It is sad that the leaders of the Republican party are not participating in the convention this week. Its a sad statement that I hope they don't live to regret down the road. They need to rally around Donald Trump and show support and work together for his election in the fall.

    I do hope it is a landslide too. I keep praying and making it a priority to pray.

    I do wonder what the Obamas will do when they leave office. To be in the limelight like that for at least 8 years, its got to be a let down whatever they pursue next.


  3. This --> " Fox folks are driving me bonkers cutting in and talking over the speech givers" ME TOO! Last night found me growling at the tv, saying, "Shut up! This is not about you!" Sigh. So annoying. And I can't remember what channels have live streaming from the convention with little talk over.

    Kasich. I'm disappointed in him, too. Just told my husband that last night. While I fully understand the absence of Bush * Rubio, and understand Kasich's reluctance to give full-throated support for Trump==this is HIS state. He should have at least welcomed the delegates and thanked them for their efforts. Even if he couldn't bring himself to forget Trump's nearly obscene campaign & bury the hatchet, but there should have been an appearance by him. Bad form.

    Pence. Yes. I think he's an excellent pick--and that choice gives me hope that Trump can make wise decisions.

    Melania's speech. Such a shame. She did a great job & I was so happy for her--then the dust up. Frankly, I don't fault the media. I don't. While the words and sentiments were common, the exact phrasing and order of the phrasing made it clear that those couple of sentences were lifted. I assumed, from the beginning that it was accidental since know one would have been foolish enough to copy on purpose, but plagiarism was certain.

    It shows the ineptitude of the Trump campaign. Someone should have caught that! Then trying to blow it off and convince people that it was not what it was--well, not good.

    I assume you've heard the report by now on how that really happened. If not, Melania told her speechwriter some things she wanted in the speech, including her own phrases. She ALSO said that she liked some of the things from Michelle's speech and read that section of the speech to the staffer. The staffer wrote it down, then--per the staffer--forgot those speech phrases weren't Melania's own and included it into the speech.

    Easy to do, I suppose, but someone should have caught it. You know, not that easy to do. Careless. I've written for people and when listening to them telling me what thoughts, points, feelings they wanted to convey, if I were given a quote, I would have put that statement in quotes with a note on where it came from to keep from getting it tangled up.

    At any rate, the Trump campaign admitted the deed--and if they had done that from the beginning instead of trying to deceive, it would have spoken better of them.

    Sorry. That episode annoyed me. Unprovoked error...

    But. Saying all of that--I've gone from "never Trp" to "maybe it'll be okay Trump" :} We'll see how it goes--3 months may be a long time for him to go without shooting off his foot.


    1. I was never "Never Trump." It was more like if it comes down to him or Hillary...I'll vote for him.

      I hadn't heard that about Melania's speech. That does sound a bit irresponsible...but then I remember that Trump's not a politician, and that's why he's where he is. I guess there is sure to be mistakes made. It's unfortunate that it was made on such a public forum...and even more unfortunate that it seems to be more important to report as news than Hillary's lies to the FBI.

  4. P.S. You may have noticed that I changed the color of my balloons from red to pink. I did that because I'm trying to be a kinder, gentler, more dmure self. My comment above may show that 1) I like the red a lot better and 2) it's going to be a hard change. snicker.

    God is able...quiet and gentle nature is of great value to know, al that...

    1. hahaha you are so funny!!! Besides, being kinder, gentler and more demure probably ain't what it's cracked up to be.


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