Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Musings: The “We Just May…” Edition

Huntsville Botanical Garden
If you are sitting at a red light, on a motorcycle, no less, and you pick your nose, and then your teeth with the same finger, someone just may see you in their rearview mirror and be a little grossed out as they eat their bacon and cheese biscuit.

If a coworker shows up to work with a little drink spilled on her shirt, have a little pity.  The story just may involve spider webs and jigs.  She will talk when she is ready.

If an eleven-year-old goes to the dentist for the very first time, and he casually mentions to her mother that some teeth will have to be pulled, when he wheels in a monstrous, scary looking machine and doesn’t explain that he is only taking X-rays and not pulling teeth, there just may be a meltdown in the dental chair.  I obviously thought :::ahem::: The child just may have thought he intended to rip her teeth out with that big machine, that’s why I was…I mean SHE was wailing, “But my teeth aren’t even loose!”

If, instead of “No Guns Allowed” signs on business doors, we saw “We are armed.  If you pull a gun, we will shoot first and ask questions later.” we just may have way fewer armed robberies.   Schools should consider other options, as well. 

Since I haven't been posting anything serious lately, it just may be time for musings on current events later this week.  In the meantime... 

I hope your Monday is a good one!
Huntsville Botanical Garden


  1. I like that sign about being armed. I think it would cut down on a bit of violence myself :)

    Hope your Monday is a good one!


    1. I think it would, too...I don't think it will happen, but I think it would reduce the rates.

  2. The o guns allowed sign--Even though criminals do not obey laws (or signs), I'm pretty sure that your version of the gun sign would get their attention. Maybe you should doodle one out and send it to someone who helps make laws.

    Sigh. Although, it just occurs to me that in real life, if some businesses have the "we have guns" sign and some don't, the criminals will have been given a clearer idea of which businesses to hit. Oh, well...

    1. They already know which ones to's the ones advertising "No Guns Allowed."


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