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Thursday's Thoughts....The Do I Tell It All? Edition

For those of you who receive my updates via email, I apologize for the double post.  I was a little embarrassed when I posted "Thursday's Thoughts" on Facebook on Wednesday.   I am not the procrastinator I claimed to be!   (I wrote the post on Tuesday night, but in my head, it was Wednesday night, to post on Thursday.)
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Are you like me and there are times, for no apparent reason, a thought will pop into your head?   I mean, the kind of thoughts that make you look bad in front of God…and all you can do is say, “God forgive me for those thoughts that I didn’t think through before thinking them.”   (If you’re not confused, you are one of us…the melancholy temperaments folk.  I am melancholy compulsive, if you happen to know much about temperaments.)

And then there’s my mouth.   How many times I have to ask God to overlook my words.   There are times I don’t even think about not saying those things, especially if someone has made me mad.   Ashamedly, I admit there are times when a good thought sneaks in and says “Shut up!”   I usually ignore such a thought. 

I know God forgives, repeatedly, thankfully.  Do you ever wonder if He gets really weary with our behavior?  Surely He must!   How many times can we ask forgiveness for the same thing before it gets on His holy nerve?   And you know He’s got one, He’d have to!  At some point He expects us to change.  I don’t like to think about my being on God’s one good nerve because I don’t change my ways.

I have a really hard time with change.  If I didn’t, I’d be skinny.  And healthy.  And I wouldn’t say things I shouldn’t nearly as much as I do.  Speaking of being skinny…well, I’m not.  But I did start a diet on Monday.   It lasted until around 2 p.m.  Eating is so much more fun than dieting. 

I’d like to ask your opinion.   There is a young woman who has a “ministry.”  That is, she has a blog, a Facebook page with over 3,000 followers, and a book deal.   She professes to be a Christian, but twists scripture to fit her agenda. She publicly chastises other Christian writers (specifically one who wrote about voting for Donald Trump), claims to be pro-life (while praising Hillary and Michelle Obama) but says Government shouldn't tell a woman "what to do with her body."   She deletes the comments of those who disagree with her, and seems to particularly hate men, especially men in authority.  Here’s my question:  If I link her blog, post screen shots of her Facebook page, and write a rebuttal, would I be judging her, or would I be doing the right thing by exposing the deception (which is rampant and growing every day)?  Feel free to comment after voting...I'd like to hear your opinion. 

Should I Name the Names and Tell the Tale?

Yes...if she's public, you can be, too.
No...let God be her judge.

Don't worry, I can't tell who cast which vote.


  1. I think I would expose her. People who twist and turn God's word make it hard for those of us trying to live out God's word as we think he wants us to do so. I'm thankful God forgives. I think he does look at the heart. There are those hearts who truly want to repent, but are human. There are those hearts that have no thought to truly repent, but want to go through the motions of it to perhaps shall we say "look good."


    1. I think they confuse people who don't really read the Bible for themselves...and there are so many who really don't know what the Word says, and will just take the word of whoever sounds like they know what they are talking about.

  2. Yes, I totally agree with Betty's comment.

  3. I voted "Yes," but there is a caveat. Of course. :}

    First, tho I bet you've already done this since you mentioned that she deletes comments she doesn't like, I would write my rrebuttal on her blog or facebook page. Your purpose should be redemptive--for her and her readers.

    Second, after that, if she deletes your well thought out comment, then go public. BUT I'd skip the screenshot. It is her work and while you may reference it, even brief quotes if you must, I think a screen shot is a step too far. (Shrug. I could be wrong.)

    I would, instead of the screenshot, name her along with her Facebook & blog addresses.

    AS far as the whole thing about the government not having the right to tell a woman what to do with her own body. The young woman is absolutely correct. (Did you gasp? Well, she is!)

    A woman has a right to take birth control, have herself neutered, refuse sexual behavior that would result in pregnancy. It's her body.

    The problem comes when it is no longer her body, but another's. No one has the right to kill a baby. The baby is not her body.

    She wants control over her body? Then she needed to consider that before she used her body in a way that resulted in pregnancy and the housing of another person's body. (Clearly, I'm not speaking of rape or incest victims here. That is a whole different debate that does not apply here.)

    Back to your issue. The chick went public with her opinions and, thereby, has put herself in a public forum. A thoughtful reply pointing out a mismatch with Scripture should be welcomed by her--and needful to those who are not well-versed in Scripture.

    Paul would do it. :)


    1. heh...I like the "Paul would do it" thought. I'll write the post, I am sure. I may or may not post it.

      I don't even want the government telling me to wear a seat belt. I'm serious. It should be my choice; but I work through my rebellion and wear the belt because in 95%+ of the time, they help rather than harm during accidents.

      Having said's not so much government telling women what to do, it's NOT telling them they can't kill unborn children. But you know that.

      In order to fully understand what I am rebutting, one would need to see the twist she puts on scripture, and her way of justifying everything she says, and the only way to really do that is post the screen shots. However, to rebut all she says would probably take a weeks worth of posts, and I am not willing to give her that much space in my blog..not on my dime.

      You are right, she deleted my comment. She posted that no preacher had the right to tell women what they shouldn't wear, even if they want to wear a bikini or booty shorts to church. She also said that she went to a Christian college and was sent home "every other day, I kid you not, every other day" to change because her clothes were indecent. (She made a video about this.) Anyway to shorten this long story, I told her that if she was at a Christian college (that she said she knew was a strict college when she chose it) and was sent home every other day, she may want to check her rebellion. I also said something about pride regarding another statement she made, but this all happened so long ago, I cant remember what all was said. She not only deleted my comment, she blocked me from being able to comment. So I left her page. I came across her somehow the other day, and after reading what she's saying these days, someone needs to toss some truth her way. Problem is, she's not a reader of my blog. lolz

  4. Margaret, we judge some things and some people every day. If you don't, may I sell you my recently acquired Hope Diamond for only $100.00? No? What? Did you just judge me dishonest in that transaction? The sin of judging is thinking a person will never change, will be lost forever on Judgment Day. I'll admit to being guilty of thinking some are a lost cause...then I try to remember that God can work miracles. Didn't the Apostle Paul rebuke false teachers? If this woman is promoting a false doctrine, call her out. Let the public be the, wait. Everyday I see those who champion evil doers and call those in authority who arrest and prosecute them the evil ones. Still, have at it. You know I won't hesitate to offer my opinion!

    1. I suppose I never thought of judging others only in the eternal sense. You may have a point. My biggest issue with calling her out is my own attitude. She really gets under my skin...she is even more opinionated than me! I did write about her a month or so ago, just a little blurb, but deleted it shortly afterward. Plus, since she won't be reading my blog, I wouldn't really be calling her out, more like talking behind her back.

  5. Sometimes those "wolves in sheep clothing" need to be exposed. Whether that person be religious, political or just an average Joe.

    1. Yes, I agree. Can you imagine how much more chaos we'd have if deception was never exposed? Thanks, OB.


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