Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday...the Truth Edition

People can get pretty self-righteous when they get political, myself included, I suppose.  If it weren’t such an important issue, the back-and-forth “my candidate is better than yours” debate would be pretty good sitcom material simply because of the outlandish things people will defend.

But it’s not comedy, it’s a sad situation.  We have people who think they are electing a queen if they vote for Hillary, and a savior if they vote for Trump.  Who will be helped by those who vote for Gary Johnson or one of the other third party candidates?  Will it be Trump or Clinton?  Probably both.
Sometimes I wish I was able to shout loud enough for all America to hear:  TRUTH REALLY MATTERS!  But would they listen?  Too many folks are content to believe what is right before them and never do their own research.   Truth is swirling in a deep, deep sea of deception, and no one wants to work that hard…it’s too easy to believe what they see in print.   “It’s on the internet.  It must be true.” 

Y'all stop it!   Don’t repost links to sites that use click-bait headlines and give you half-truths.   Conservatives, I am talking to you.   I am dismayed at the sites you all keep linking on your Facebook.   When half of it is false, and the other half only half-true, you are part of the problem!  No, we don’t want Hillary in office, but please don't repost crap (and there is no other word for those sites who disguise themselves as “conservative” but are a pack of lies just like some of the liberal sites).  We are better than that!

Not all liberals are liars.   Some are deceived…anyone who will support a known liar has no regard for the truth.  Truth is important!  It's time to wake up!  God hates lying; it is an abomination to Him.   How can we expect God to bless America when there is no truth?   Jesus described satan as the father of lies…no truth in him! (John 8:44) 

Search out the truth, hold people accountable when they lie.  We cannot continue to reward falsehood!  Because of her lies alone, there is absolutely no reason Hillary Clinton should be on the ballot in November.  And the reason she will be is because people are drowning in an ocean of lies, too wrapped up in themselves to realize the danger they are in. 

What happens when we fail to demand truth?   
  • We begin to live in a dark world because of blindness.
  • There is no justice.  None.   What masquerades as justice is injustice.  Did you know God is appalled when no one cries out for justice?  (Isaiah 59)

If you truly care about where our beloved country is headed, please join me in praying the following for the 2016 Election:
  • That God’s will prevails
  • That truth prevails
  • That God protects the ballots against those who wish to cast fraudulent votes.
  • Blinded eyes are opened
  • Deception is brought to light
  • Safety for every voter, ballot and campaign worker, and candidate


  1. I think in this upcoming election people really need to be informed about the candidates and their platforms. Too many people are stuck in the emotions of it all and they are avoiding or not thinking of the truth. Prayers are truly essential for the next 82 days (I just saw in an article that's how long it is until the election).


    1. It will be here before we know it, and I'll be glad when it's over...that is unless Hillary is elected. I just don't see it happening, though.

  2. Very good blog, but may we suggest you remove the vulgarity and insert "horse hockey" instead. After all, it was good enough for Col. Potter...

    1. Haha...I'll have to remember that for next time!


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