Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Cold Hard Word for Wednesday

Cades Cove...I can't wait! (I tweaked my photo just a little.)

Loving Others
We live in a time where, if we disagree with the worldview, we are labeled haters.  I readily admit that it can get pretty hard to “love my neighbor.”  In a world full of unlovables, what’s a deplorable to do?   I don’t have an answer.  Maybe loving them is based more on my actions toward them than my being able to say “I love you.”  I can do my part:  Help others, be kind, be happy, be a peacemaker, stay away from gossip, and listen more while talking less!  I need to show love, even when I don't feel it.

Personal Responsibility:
I’ve touched on this before, but based on recent news stories of the sentencing of rapists, judges apparently take into consideration how much alcohol was consumed before the attack (unfortunately, others do, too).  If a young woman is at a party where alcohol and/or drugs are rampant, she should assume that no one is looking out for her best interest, and remember that her personal safety is up to her.  If she is passed out drunk and is attacked, chances are when it’s all said and done, her rapist will get a slap on the wrist, and she will be dealing with the scars of being assaulted.  If you wouldn’t go walking alone in the dark in a seedy part of town, or even be alone after dark in a park, then you know enough to keep your wits about you at parties!  You are your responsibility, so take care of you!

Christian Responsibility:
As Christians, we are the voice of reason in a world of strong delusion.  We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth (Matthew 5).  There are people who toss out biblical misinformation, and they feed on the praise and admiration of others.  Their actions are rooted in pride and arrogance, and they deceive others.

They take high offense when their words are challenged, and they are reaching America’s youth at an alarmingly faster rate than believers are.   Is it any wonder our children are so mixed up and distracted?  (The distraction part is also largely due to cell phones and electronic gadgets…and the problem is not limited to our youth…but I digress, that is a post for another day.) 

It is imperative that we study the Bible and be fully armed to help others understand and recognize when God’s word is being twisted. 

And finally….
My Public Service Announcement:  

This recently happened:   A girl walked into the public restroom with her vending machine cookie (still wrapped), her Dr. Pepper, and her phone.   She enters a stall, puts all three items on the floor, takes care of business, picks up her stuff, fiddles with her hair, and walks out of the restroom without washing her hands.   (Not that it would have done her much good, considering how quickly she put that phone up to her face after having it on the bathroom stall floor...and I don't want to think about the cookie).   That is why I don’t touch bathroom door handles…I also keep sanitizer on my desk and use it often.   (And if you think all of your co-workers wash their hands…they don’t.)    If the above story doesn’t make you more germ aware, it won’t be too long before flu season rears its ugly head…stock up on the sanitizer.   
You're welcome.


  1. I can't even fathom leaving a public restroom without washing one's hands. I guess that is why they have those signs in them that say employees must wash their hands. You would think it would be commonsense to wash your hands after being in such a place!

    I think in loving others, we need to make sure we aren't using the emotional meaning of the word love, as in a feeling, but make love be a verb as you eluded to. Take action to love others. A smile, a kind word, letting someone go before you in line, that sort of thing, especially doing so for people we might not usually associate with. In our recent turmoil as I was thinking of a certain individual and questioning their motives, etc., the word "compassion" came to mind. So I'm starting to exercise that word when thinking of that certain person.

    Oh a dreary note, the latest police incident happened near my old stomping grounds and my brother/family live in that town. The other incidents got me, but this one made me cry. We have got to find a way to love each other more and Jesus is the only way we can do it.


  2. As Christians it is our responsibility to lead by example and be the light the bible talks about.
    Sadly many Christian don't know themselves on a deeper level and fall into the insidious trap of pride.
    Great post.

  3. In some instances, loving can be described as "not hating." Do you love that womanizer Bill Clinton? Probably not...just don't hate him.


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