Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Musings: The Nothing of Substance Edition

The Sinks, Great Smoky Mountains
We are finally getting cooler weather!   I am ready for it, too.  This is one of the hotter Septembers I can remember.  I am tired of being hot!   Come on, Fall!   The Great Smoky Mountains are calling my name!
Great Smoky Mountains
 Maybe by the time (in January or February) that I type, “I am so tired of being cold, come on Spring!” you won’t remember that I was complaining about the heat just a few months before.

Are you planning to watch the first presidential debate tonight?  Will it be a debacle or will we finally see something of substance?  I hope it’s not just a night of hurled insults.  Even if I was a Hillary fan, I would be sick of her negative TV ads.  I will be praying that tonight will be a night of truth.  America needs truth. 

I am starting my 1,254,118,874th diet today.  I say “diet,” but really it’s not.  I can’t say I’m dieting if I’m not putting any effort into it, can I?  A few years ago, I grew weary of counting calories, fat grams, and/or carbohydrates, and decided I would never do it again.  Maybe I need to reevaluate.  There is something to be said about eating low carb though…so much easier than counting points, calories, or fat grams.  I do not have a plan, and that may be dangerous.  I’ll get a plan…just don’t have one yet.  I’m sure, eventually, I will go low carb.  Sugar has a way of derailing me every. single. time.  (I guess I should blame me for eating it, and not the sugar?)

My heart has been dancing around in my chest this past week, skipping beats and beating prematurely.   The doctor gave me a beta blocker.   Last summer, it did the same thing, and I felt pretty bad for a while.   This time, I haven’t felt quite as bad, but this morning, in addition to skipping some beats, I have a headache.  I’d like to go back to bed, but I’ll go to work instead.  Something I really shouldn’t admit is that last night, I couldn’t remember if I took the beta blocker, so I didn’t take another one….in case I did take one.  I am now doubting that I took one.  Over the past year, I have had several EKGs, a stress test, and an echocardiogram.   Nothing of concern showed up. 

Speaking of stress tests…they gave me a chemical one, and I did NOT like that.  I had to lie there quietly, reminding/convincing myself that I was not dying.  My chest told me a completely different story.   If I never have to do that again, GOOD!

It’s time to hop in the shower and start my day.  
I sure hope yours is a good one.

By the way, I haven’t “hopped” in some years.  What I’ll actually be doing is dragging myself into the shower…but afterwards, I will feel refreshed, and sometimes, a nice, warm shower helps my headache, too.  

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  1. Get a pill box for your medicine and fill it up once a week. Easier than to see if you have missed a dose or not, even if you are only taking one medicine. Sorry to hear about your heart problems, hope the medicine does calm it down. I have heard the chemical stress tests are not fun indeed.

    I had a friend where we used to live in San Diego who was always on the "roly poly" size, even as a child growing up. She had tried dieting, etc., etc., etc. and had resolved that she more than likely would never be "skinny". Something must have clicked though (I think it had to do with joint aches, hip specifically) that must have convinced her she needed to get the weight off. She joined Weight Watchers and has been consistently doing it for 16 months. I saw a recent picture of her and I am thinking she's down at least 50 pounds if not more. When things settle down here, I'm seriously thinking of Weight Watchers.



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