Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday's Completely Uncommitted Thoughts....

On Lunch…We have a new burger joint on campus:  256 Burger (named, I am guessing, in honor of our area code).   Our food court is getting a complete overhaul, and right now, things are a little disorganized.  Last week, while eating a burger at my desk, I kept thinking it had a “wang.”  The fries did, too, and I wasn’t real impressed.  The taste wasn’t horrid, but I decided I wouldn’t eat there again.  Well, that was until I realized what I thought was ketchup was actually barbecue sauce.  Not sure if the dispenser was labeled wrong or if I just had a pre-senior moment.

On being deplorable…am I missing something, or is it deplorable to label a whole group of people “deplorable” because they are not voting for you?  The only way to “be America” is to vote for Hillary?  Meh.  She didn’t apologize, she just said, “I regret saying 'half' – that was wrong.”  Perhaps she meant to say ‘all?’  I'm pretty sure Trump supporters ARE America, and definitely not deplorable.

On Hillary’s illness…I thought political rags were just garbage and that most likely there was a reasonable explanation for her supposed medical issues.  After yesterday’s “spell,” I believe it may be more than hype.  Maybe the dishonesty surrounding it bothers me more than the (possible) illness.  I do not think she will be elected POTUS, but on the slight chance she might be, she needs to be healthy for a very stressful job.  Or not.  We'd be just as sunk with her healthy...and I am not sure Kaine wouldn't be even worse.

On comments…Y’all, it’s not nice of me to repeat this!  On one of the stories I read yesterday about Hillary’s fainting incident, a commenter posted, “If she thinks 74° is hot, she’s really going to have a problem in hell.”   I giggled.  Does God get frustrated with people laughing at others?   (I don’t know where HC will spend eternity…just tossing that out there so I look a tiny bit less judgmental.)

On Facebook…yesterday, I took a look at the wall of a Facebook “friend” I had unfollowed (but not unfriended) a long time ago.  Ugh!  I shouldn’t have.  This person seems so nice in person, but I was appallingly reminded we are as different as night and day…on everything!  I then posted, “If you've already put it behind you, don't go back and revisit...ever.  I meant that.  I just hope I remember it next time!

On Pixabay.comtons of completely free images, illustrations, and photos to use any way you like!  You’re welcome! Today’s images are from Pixabay.

On Mondays…aren’t they bad enough without all this Hillary talk??  I promise it wasn’t my intention.  Last week I said I didn’t think I’d click on any more political links…but obviously, I have.

I sure hope your week is a good one.  

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  1. I'll have to try Pixababy; I like the images you have here. Actually said a prayer for Hiliary this morning and her sickness. We're just going to trust in God with this upcoming election. Too funny about the confusion over BBQ sauce and ketchup. I think I would have to give the restaurant another chance just in case :)



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