Saturday, September 10, 2016

Smutball...the growing fungus of the NFL

I chimed in on a Facebook discussion concerning 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his decision to sit down during the national anthem. My response is below. I don’t usually get into public discussions such as this, I save it for my blog.  I notice those who obstinately defend Kaepernick’s actions as “his right” want to silence the free speech rights of those who disagree.  From our founding fathers to today's new military recruits, freedom is never free:  the cost is a great price, and it comes with great responsibility. 

If the chatter I see on FB is true, Kaepernick’s action is now having a copycat effect with other players/teams joining him in his stench. I can’t help but be dismayed at how the NFL could have used their voices in a constructive way to initiate change, but instead are just adding to the ugly division that had been growing over the past eight years. 

Jesus said, "Every kingdom divided 
against itself is brought to desolation..."
(Luke 11:17)
Is anyone foolish enough to think satan 
doesn't know what he's doing?
He is destroying America, and his pawns are helping him.
Sweet Jesus, America needs You.

My response:

Colin Kaepernick has a right to show his contempt for a country that has treated him well…the freedom to do so bought with the blood, sweat and tears of those he disrespected to state his opinion. He claims he wanted to “bring awareness” to oppression, but it backfired…as contempt and disrespect always will… bringing yet more division to our great nation.

What he did was irresponsible, and whether he intended it or not, it was also hateful. Actions like his show that he cares much about himself, but not so much about others.

Instead of acting spoiled and self-entitled, why not use his voice to bring unity instead of his butt to bring division? How about spending some of those millions he’s made in all his alleged oppression to help the communities where crime is so high? How about pushing for education and incentive programs? One may think perhaps it is not his responsibility to spend his “hard earned” millions to make positive changes…but if he can’t put his money where his backside protests, he needs to stand up and shut up.

He completely disregarded the feelings the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our flag, and it was a slap in the face to those who bear the scars of injury. Those who served without physical injury…I assure you, they are scarred as well.

If people really wanted to make things better, to heal disparities, they would do things to unite, not tear down. There are constructive ways to initiate change, and there are destructive ways to further divide a divided country. Kaepernick chose unwisely and selfishly with a platform that could have been used to generate real and positive changes. What a colossal waste of the opportunity God gave him.

If the 49ers had any spine, we would be finished with Colin Kaepernick, and they would have less one mediocre quarterback.  Don’t rant to me about his free speech. He got to choose his irresponsible deed; he does not get to choose the consequences of those actions. 

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  1. I totally agree with what you said here, Meg. I heard somewhere, but I'm not sure how reliable it is, but that the Seattle Seahawks are planning to do something tomorrow during the National Anthem. I heard the whole team was going to be sitting it out. Hubby heard they were doing something as a team, but didn't hear what it was. I don't get it. We have the right to protest and disagree, but I think we need to use that right ethically especially when we are representing a team or a company, business, organization, etc.



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