Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday's Thoughts: The Committed Considerations Edition

Nashville, TN
My first thought when uncomfortable things happen to me is normally not, “Why me?”  But I do get frustrated every now and then.  Not so long ago while grocery shopping, I wondered why I couldn’t eat certain things without having to deal with a month-long binge afterward. As I shopped, I considered more serious “Why?” questions:  Why do children die of cancer? Why does anyone have to die because of cancer?  Why do horrific accidents happen that render people unable to function…at no fault of their own? Why do parents die, leaving young children motherless and/or fatherless? Why are some children indescribably abused, and some have loving parents and supportive families?  None of us have answers!

Why did Job, Joseph, David, and Paul (just to name a few) face such trials and persecution?

It made my “Why me?” food question seem mighty selfish. So I asked myself, “Why not me?” While I deal with an over-eager appetite, others deal with a life-threatening diagnosis, death, or a catastrophic accident.  Thank You, Lord, for your patience with me when I whine!

(I do understand that over eating, over time, is life threatening.)
Then I begin to wonder why God placed me in America instead of a country where women are shot to death because they show their face in public. Why do I live here, where I can worship, drive, work, learn, and wear what I want, all without fear?  The United States of America…not a war-torn, third world country, or a land where people are not free.  We are not persecuted for being Christian, though sometimes we act like we are when we do not like how we are treated.  Most of us thankfully have not faced real persecution because of our faith.  We have so much, but we can be an ungrateful nation…forgive us, Lord.

I know our country is not perfect. I know the devil wants to destroy us, to take away our freedoms, and I'm sure top on his list is our freedom to worship as we choose.  But I also know the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and He is faithful, loving, and merciful. No matter what we face…and we will know pain in this life…He will give His children the grace and strength to endure what He allows.  With all of my heart, I believe God wants to bless His children.  Justice.   I need to write more about Justice because no one believes we really want justice!

For today, I will endeavor to adopt a more thankful attitude and be less self-absorbed, to help others when I can (helping others goes hand in hand with receiving Justice), less negative, less judgmental, and the most difficult of all…to talk less!

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  1. Of course you know the answer to the why questions in that we live in a fallen world and it will continue to be like this until the day Jesus returns. Why God chooses someone to deal with cancer and another to have perfect health, I have no idea. That's why he is God and I am not. I do look forward to your thoughts on justice (hint, hint, write them :)



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