Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bonner's Turnover

Yesterday, Ole Boy and I made a trek to Lawrenceburg/Ethridge, TN.  We were just exploring, stopping here and there at various Amish homes to see what was for sale, and looking for fall color.  We decided to take some roads we hadn't traveled before, something we like to do every now and then.   We turned on Bonner Road, and before too long, we saw a "Dead End" sign.

Ronnie Bonner
There was only one place to turn around...and a man had just pulled into the drive.   I pulled in with the intention of turning around, but the man came over to our car.  He asked if we were lost, saying that usually if people are turning around there, they are lost.  We explained we were just exploring.   He was very friendly, and after introducing himself, gave us a smidgen of history of the Amish community.  He then invited us into his store.  I could see what I thought was a shed, and until that moment, I didn't realize I was at a business.   The driveway was bumpy and unpaved...I just thought I was at an equipment shed.  However, when I got to where I could see it better...

Bonner's Turnover...notice the dog lying at the front door.
I realized it wasn't a shed.   However, it did have its own outhouse:

The first thing I noticed when I walked in the place was how pleasant it smelled, a scent of a mixture of spices.  It was a country store...I love country stores...and this one was an authentic country store!  One could not get more "in the country" than here.

Spices, flavorings, gelatin, dried beans

It's all good...

Stone ground flours...
 While we were browsing, an Amish man came in to visit and buy a Mountain Dew.

It is just a small store, but he has a lot of things packed in there, from small packages of spices, tapioca (pearl or ground), corn starch, beans, and coconut oil, to fifty-pound bags of sugar and flour. Most of his merchandise comes from the Mennonite Community in Curtiss, Wisconsin.  He was quick to explain the Mennonites were different from the local Amish.   When I told him I was going to blog about the place, the grinned and said, "Tell them, 'Honest folks, only.'"

We left with an arsenal of spices.  
If you are going to be in Lawrenceburg or Ethridge, it would be worth your time to visit Mr. Bonner and his country store.  It turned out to be the highlight of our little day trip.

Bonner's Turnover
22 Bonner Road
Ethridge, TN  38456

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day trip! What a great find!



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