Monday, October 17, 2016

Committed Thoughts: Why Not Voting is Not an Option for Christians

This post is not intended to be controversial, but emotions are running so high on this issue, I realize it may end up that way.  I am writing to Christians, the ones who know that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible word of God, that His word stands firm, and is forever settled in Heaven (Psalm 119:89).
There is a cloud of confusion hovering over America right now.   God’s elect have forgotten that we aren't wrestling against flesh and blood (Trump vs Clinton), but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12) 

Over and over, especially since the well-timed release of a decade old audio of Trump making disrespectful and crass comments, I hear Christians say they cannot vote for Donald Trump.  I am curious what thought comes after that decision?   The choice to not vote has consequences that are far-reaching.  Well-placed distractions are much louder than Truth.  Don't let Truth get buried!

…we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal. (2 Corinthians 4:18)
What is God doing behind the scenes?   We already know that His understanding unsearchable (Isaiah 40:28), and His thoughts and ways are not our thoughts and ways (Isaiah 55:8).  Why do we try to make it our business who He uses to bring about change in America?  God chooses who He pleases to accomplish His plan.  Out of the two main candidates, which one of them will appoint conservative supreme court justices?  Which one of them will fight to keep abortions legal and federally funded?  Which Candidate chose a professing Christian as a running mate?  These are the things we need to carefully consider!

Our adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).   America is who he wants right now.  Christians are listening to what the demon-controlled media is telling them, then making a decision to be inactive during this election process, largely based on that information!  Let's be careful to not hand our country over to the evil one.  The devil is not being inactive; in fact, he is being very proactive to keep America on the road to destruction.      

Pardon my bluntness, but those who would have voted conservatively but choose to sit this election out, do exactly as the devil wants. 

A person making the choice to vote for a third-party candidate (who we know cannot win) stands in the same place of the person who doesn’t vote at all.  Conversely, a liberal who chooses not to vote effectively puts a vote on the conservative ticket…but I do not hear any liberally minded folks saying they aren’t going to vote.  If satan was voting (and he very well may be) do you believe he would choose the candidate who would appoint liberal Supreme Court justices or conservative ones? 
We have lost our direction!  God's word is our absolute Truth, but we often allow others to come up with their own "truth" without defending God's word.   And what has happened?  We are now subject to laws that are contrary to God’s word.   A no-show voter is saying to God, “I like the path we’re on.  Please, let us continue.”  

Friends, we do not want to be driven to our knees,
we want to be led there.

Just because we have tripped on the top step
does not mean we have to toss ourselves down the stairwell.

God has a remnant.  Some are already crying out in anguish for our land.  We must be willing to push through the trash and take back, by force, the freedoms that have been stymied.  When we call on Him to intervene…He hears our cries, they come before Him, even to His ears (Psalm 18:6).  We have to put aside our personal opinions of the people God is putting in place to bring America back to Him.  Look past the two candidates and to the weightier matters of this election.

He has not forgotten us, His children!
This is an important time…no, this is a crucial time for America.   You have a voice, and you should consider more than what the media is allowing you to see and hear.  (Not voting is NOT another way of using your voice, just like a spouse's silent treatment is not communication.)  Look to God’s word, not the devil’s world, when making the decision of where you cast your vote.

Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
on earth
as it is in Heaven.


  1. Yes! Amen! Amen! And again I say Amen!

  2. Amen!! It saddened me to see a report of some Christian leaders withdrawing their support from Donald Trump after his latest indiscretion was reported upon. It makes us once again looked at by the world as judgmental. The Donald Trump of 2005 is not necessarily the Donald Trump of 2016 and we, as Christians, need to remember that we are a new creation being molded daily, weekly, hourly, secondly, etc., by God if we will allow him to do so. We as Christ followers need to get out and vote. In our good conscience we cannot abstain this year and we cannot vote third party. We need to cast an informed vote, prayerfully considered. Too much is at stake if we don't and I think pastors and other Christian leaders need to be getting that message out rather than withdrawing support from this or that candidate. That is why I continue to admire Franklin Graham. He won't endorse one candidate or the other, but he is diligent in his message that we must pray and be informed when we go to the polls in a few weeks.

    God's will, will be done. Of that I believe.


    1. Over and over I repeat in prayer, "...Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." If often toss "America" and "my life" in there as well.

  3. "Look to God’s word, not the devil’s world, when making the decision of where you cast your vote."

    So... I have looked at God's word and I'm pretty sure it doesn't hold up a foul-mouthed (speeches in the past 12 months), name-calling (also last 12 months), liar (He said he groped women, then when women said he groped them, he said he didn't mean it. There was a court case filed against him in late 1990 claiming sexual harassment, stating he did exactly what he said he did on that tape.) who cheated his contractors (I personally know one he tried to cheat out of $90,000) is not held up as a member of God's kingdom--rather he sounds like someone from the "devil's world".

    Respectfully, I think that well-meaning and devout Christians are being deceived. They are being driven by fear. If they don't vote for this disreputable man, then God will be unable to guide the hearts and actions of our leaders.

    I do understand your arguments and, frankly, made a similar one to friends and family. I have since realized the contradiction in the argument. TBR, most of what you said above could be said as reason NOT to vote for Trump.

    If God wants me to vote for Trump, I'll do it-but He has not shown me that yet.

    I've searched the presidential candidates on my states ballot in hopes that I could find someone to vote for--and I did. The Constitution Party has Darrell Castle running as Pres. He is an Evangelical Presbyterian, and his primary message is that our country should be governed according to the Constitution. His running mate, whose name I have forgotten, is a Mormon, and tho his theology is quite off, his values align with ours. They are both pro-life and for all the Constitutional Amendments as written, which means they are for religious freedom, etc.

    I do realize that it would take a miracle for him to win, but I am voting my values and letting God manage the outcome. I would feel guilty pushing the button for Trump, knowing what he is. I won't feel guilty voting for a believer who wants to enforce our country's founding principles.

    So be it.

    1. I'm not driven by fear. Even if HC wins this election (with the help of those well-meaning, deceived, fear-driven Christians) I know I am God's child. I won't like all that comes with another four years under the demonic party, none of us will. Some may call that fear, I call it facts.

      For me, there is no other choice but to vote for the one who will make the better choices for our Supreme Court. I simply must stand by my original statement that not voting or third party voting puts us in jeopardy of being in a very dark place we don't want to be.

      I prayed days over this entry. I wrote it and let it sit overnight. I prayed again this morning, earnestly and as sincerely as I knew how, and I believe in and will defend every word I've said. I know some people may not agree...but I know I am right.

    2. While trying to convince myself that I could vote for Trump, it did occur to me that, perhaps, God was going to do something unexpected that would prevent Trump from serving, leaving Mike Pence as the president. He's a good man and would probably make an excellent president. If that happened, voting for Trump would be a good thing.

      That's the best I can give you.

      And I'm out.

    3. The comparison between Pence in his the VP Debate and Trump's first debate...definitely Pence was more Presidental. Very noticeably so.

      Take care of you, Deb.

    4. It is the Supreme Court I am most concerned about with this election. The impact it will carry not only for a 4 year term or an 8 year term but potentially 30-40 years. We have seen what the Supreme Court has done over the past 8 years since Mr. Obama has been president. How much farther can it drag America down with going against the ordains of God? When I pray, I do ask God to be with America, though America lately has not been with God. We (figuratively) kill his babies and redefine marriage. Why should he bless us?

      And its hard to get around the thought of voting for HC, especially when you see the paper trail of a lot of people that have died after dealing with the Clintons.

      I like what I read on someone's blog from Max Lucado. He said to circle November 9th on the calendar now with the words "God is still in control" (or something similar). That's our best thing (along with prayer). Remembering God is in control and his kingdom, the one that truly matters, will advance after November 8th to his glory.


  4. Spot on!! TY for this post!!

  5. Hello Margaret.
    Go wisely to the poles, pray before leaving your home. God will sort this mess out one way or another.
    Blessings form South Africa, Geoff.

    1. Thank you, Geoff. We won't mind some prayers from South Africa... ☺


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