Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday's Uncommited Thoughts....

When you are right, you’re right, and there is just no need to argue with people who refuse to see the truth.   Pigs and mud, and all that.   You don't have to prove it when you're right, and you sure won’t change someone’s mind who’s just as convinced as you are that they are right.  Truth is truth, it will come to light without your arguments.  You are in a good place, they are in sinking sand.  Don’t get in the mire with them.

People have “being bullied” mixed up with “just plain rude.”   They also have “hate” and “I don’t agree with you” mixed up.   Those people who yell “racism” generally have no clue what true racism is.  Just because they take offense to a comment doesn't not mean it is racist.   The “bullied/hater/racist” whiners are merely demanding you think as they do.   Don’t give in to it.  Be informed.  Do your research.  Think for yourself!
There comes a time when you realize that you are so politically/intellectually far apart from a person there will never be a real friendship.  Even if, aside from the political views, you like the person.   Sometimes those people are related to you. 

Shouldn't folks realize that if you don't use ugly language on your Facebook page, they shouldn't either?

Don't punish a person just for being who they are…but that doesn’t mean they get to invade your space with “who they are.”

I wanted to punish the chick in front of me at Arby's one time, who took ten minutes to make up her mind what she and her two kids wanted to eat, only to change the order...then change it yet again when she got to the window.  She was the only one in front of me, and it took nearly my whole allotted lunch time to get my ding-dang beef n' cheddar.

I'm ignoring the fact that no one made me wait in line that long.  Or that I didn't need that "fast" food.

Speaking of fast food...I've been without for a while!  Low carbs and no refined sugar? I've lost 11 pounds!

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  1. If conversation is seen as trying to bludgeon someone into believing as you do or vice versa, I'm pretty sure that's not conversation. I'm not sure what it is, but it is neither conversation or even intelligent debate.

    Your "pigs rolling in the mud" may be the perfect analogy for that clse-mnded. over-bearing event.

  2. You seem to think you were in my thoughts when I posted this. You were not. This post popped up in my FB memories because I posted it a few years ago on this date on Committed Thoughts. I know you're mad, Deb, but you're mad by yourself. I have no ill-will toward you for our differing opinions. I wish you well.

    By the way, your comment when I first posted this and your comment now are world's apart. Just because someone stands firm in their opinion when it differs from yours doesn't mean they are against you.

    Thank you for stopping by one last time.

    1. TBR,

      I don't know what you're talking about.

      I agreed with you re: closed-minded conversations in which someone tries to the other to agree with them are pointless.

      I'm not angry, and

      I didn't say anything about your attitude towards myself...or stopping by "one last time."

      I did, however, think that all this talk about being right was related to your reply to me re: Trump since you ended it by saying you knew you were right. I didn't think this post was directed to me in particular, tho.

      If your "one last time" remark was to tell me that you didn't want me to comment on your posts again, I'll unfollow you.

      I feel badly about that...

  3. So this is an old post you posted on another blog before, right? Did I comment on that one? (LOL) I was going to say good job with the 11 pounds if that is current!


    1. Ha! Yes, the post is old but the 11 pounds is current! ☺


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