Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday's Uncommitted Thoughts

The two main presidential candidates have made so many of us feel so disgusted that we don’t even want to vote, or put us in a dilemma as Christians, knowing we can’t vote for Hillary, but should we really vote for Donald Trump?  It is 3 a.m. as I sit here at my computer grasping for some words of wisdom to make us feel better about casting our votes. 

Did you watch the debate last night?   It was mostly a train wreck.  Donald was more in “Trump fashion” than in the first debate, and there were times I quit listening, but I ventured back.

It is our responsibility to vote, my mind will not change on that.  But watching the two of them last night unnerved me a little.   As a Christian, I could never vote for Hillary, but even if I wasn’t connected to Christ, I don’t believe I would ever vote for Hillary.   So I will vote for Trump, and I’ll trust God.  In my quiet time with God, before Trump was even the presumptive nominee, and well before I ever thought *I* would vote for Donald Trump, I believe the Lord whispered to my heart that he was going to use Mr. Trump in a “key position.”  I am now hoping that key position is not to get Hillary elected.  Even so:

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the 
shadow of death, I will fear no evil: 
for thou art with me; 
thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.  

I experienced a whirlwind of emotions while watching our two choices debate…if we really call that debacle debating.  I know the other choices on the ballot are not viable choices, because ultimately, voting for a third party candidate not make a statement, nor will it change the fact that either Hillary or Donald Trump will be our next president.  The thought crosses my mind that we draw nearer to God when faced with adversity.  

We’ve prayed…and prayed.  Most of us will continue to do so, I know.  I wish I had a wittier post to share.   Welcome to my conflicted Monday.

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  1. I shared something I had read on Facebook about the two parties' platforms. The GOP's platform is more biblically based than the Democrat one is. We may this election have to vote party over candidate and trust completely in God. Maybe though, like I've said before, God is going to continue disciplining America for her actions against him. I've said it multiple times but God truly shouldn't bless America; we've taken him out of schools, killed his babies, and redefined marriage. There is a remnant here but is the remnant enough? I'm sure when Israel went into exile into Babylon, there was a remnant of believers that didn't idol worship, etc., but Israel still went into captivity. I hope that is not the same for America.


  2. Well, hi, BR. :}

    I echo the thoughts you voiced in this post and the ones in Betty's comment, too. In fact, I said almost word for work what is in Betty's comment re: voting party rather than for the candidate. (In my 40+ years of voting, I have NEVER done that.)

    Now, tho... I'm not so sure. Unless a new choice shows up as a candidate, I don't think I'm going to vote this time. (I've never done that, either.)

    For all of the same reasons you have, I can't vote for Hilary. But voting for Trump just seems sinful to me. Sorry, it does. Sinful.

    I won't use this comment to argue my tentative decision (It kind of changes every couple of hours.), but for this moment, I don't think I'll be voting.



  3. Hmmmmm. Just in know, because print doesn't have tone of I may not have been clear..

    I don't think that voting for Trump is sinful. If you vote for him under the reasons yo and Betty gave above, I totally understand. And for all I know, I'll end up doing the same

    It's just that when I think of Trump--how he's acted, what he's said etc--and then I think about voting for him, it just feels sinful to me.

    Not saying that it is.


    1. Hey Deb! I didn't think you were saying voting for him was sinful! haha but, yes, there are times people get sidetracked by the words instead of what we are trying to express. I am formulating a post about why I can't let November 8 slide by without voting. Hopefully, I'll have it posted by tomorrow morning. Good to hear from you!


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