Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Musings: The Moving On Edition

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The post I was formulating in my head over the weekend looks nothing like the finished product.  In a world of excessive information, it is entirely too easy to get distracted…welcome to my politics-weary, jumbled thoughts.

I hoped the political hoopla would slow down to a crawl after the election, but that has not been the case.  If I weren’t so addicted to scrolling through Facebook, I would go on strike for a couple of weeks.   I may have to unfollow/hide a few more “friends” just to keep my sanity.

There are way too many false “news” sites.  Unfortunately, precious few people research before they repost/retweet articles on social media from such sites.  Posting stories that are untrue helps no one and hurts many. is a false site, which makes me mad because they purposely put the word “Christian” in their name as click bait.

Truth matters, I promise it does.

Trump protestors are starting a scary precedent for future elections.

What exactly are they hoping to accomplish with the protest, anyway?  

Can it really be called a protest when there was no injustice done?   President Elect Donald Trump won fair and square.   Before it is over with, he may have the popular vote, as well.  The fake sites are posting that he already did, but that is not true.  Yet.

When is the current president going to step in and address the rioting/protesting issue?  When is the “other side” going realize that whenever there are riots and volatile protests, it’s always people from that side of the fence?

When are we going to get rid of that “fence?”   United we stand, divided we fall.  The Bible specifically says, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.

If you are a Christian, stop arguing with unhappy liberals.  Your guy won.  The sooner you quit responding to the complaints, the quicker they can begin to accept the outcome and move on.  They will see the world won’t end because of Donald Trump, just like we saw it didn’t end with Barak Obama.  The world will end when God says it ends.  

If you get entangled in political arguments, you aren’t going to change their minds, they won't change yours; you are just going to be called names you won’t like.  Be happy, but don’t be prideful.  And pray for our country.   

Seriously, pray.  Often.

The election results didn’t catch me by surprise, and it didn’t the devil by surprise, either.  He is still walking about seeking whom he may destroy.   There are dark days ahead.  We cannot be lax about praying, it’s important…it’s imperative that we pray.

I wish I understood prayer better.  But Jesus Himself prayed, and He prayed a lot, so I know that I, too, should pray.  By the way, all those people causing a ruckus from coast to coast?  They are souls who are important to God.  Pray for them.

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::::::::::::::Have a happy, peaceful week::::::::::::::


  1. "By the way, all those people causing a ruckus from coast to coast? They are souls who are important to God. Pray for them."

    Such an important reminder. I needed to read that. Thank you!

    1. Girl, I needed that reminder, too! I get frustrated with all the..ugh...I can't even come up with a decent word for what those people are/what they're doing. So, yes, I need to remind myself to pray and not to judge. I hope you're feeling okay...I'm still praying.

  2. Well said! Yes, facebook has been a stressful place as you said. Many false posts coming through! As a christian I have had to bite my finger not to reply back. So I just started hiding certain peoples posts. We definitely need to pray for those in leadership and all the angry people! God bless America!

    1. Many times I type out a comment, only to come to my senses before I hit post...and I have hidden several, otherwise, I found myself irritated a lot. Not good! Thank you for visiting.


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