Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Musings: The Things I Just Cannot Understand Edition

So much to say, but I’m told that a good blog post doesn’t go over 500 words.  I’ll do my best.
My dog, Rocco.  He doesn't understand, either.
Democrats turning on each other.  Ohio representative Tim Ryan is challenging Nancy Pelosi’s minority leader position, that makes him sexist.

People who are okay with illegal immigration.  Where do we draw the line (or build the wall) against the flood of bodies we must support, at the very least temporarily, if not for the duration of their stay?  People wanting to house our vets, feed our hungry, give jobs to those living in poverty, and insist people enter our country legally are xenophobic.  It’s a real problem…the conviction records for criminal activity by illegals prove it.

Most words ending in “phobic.”   Disagreement with another person's lifestyle or their ideology is not fear, nor is it hate.  (There are exceptions...bigots and racists do indeed exist in our fine country.  Every once in a while, they are the very ones calling others racists and bigots.)

But then again…Christaphobics/Biblephobics…We run into/read about them every day.   If you stand up for what the Bible says, you are often met with disdain, and far, far worse.  Jesus said it would happen.  Folks seem to be drawing from their own hate and fear-filled emotion and attach it to others.  

Christians who didn’t diligently pray and fast for our nation before the election.  Many did.  Many more did not.

Mitt Romney being considered for any position President Trump’s administration after his actions and degrading comments over the past year.

Jill Stein demanding a recount.  What?   From the moment I heard this one, I felt Hillary was behind it, and when she “joined the effort,” my belief was validated.  Did HRC and Soros donate the dough to fund the effort?  Stein’s reasoning, apparently, is that the results didn’t match the polls.  Trump supporters may have, for obvious reasons, declined to answer pollsters.  Or perhaps the only ones polled were wearing “I’m with her” paraphernalia.   

The recount is just one more way old slew foot is trying to maintain control of our country.  We can’t expect the devil to give up easily, can we?   He’s not omniscient, so he didn’t know Donald Trump was going to win, either.

It’s all about control.  It always was, and until the Lord comes back, that’s what it will be…a battle for control.  I read the end of the Book.  Christians win.

Barbara Boxer’s proposed bill to abolish the electoral college.  Those who do not understand the electoral college should go take a civics class.  America’s legislative branches should not be determined by the blue: 
This puts "popular vote" into perspective, doesn't it?
Do we really want only a few counties calling the shots for the whole country?
Unopposed widespread lawlessness.  That’s where we were quickly headed, and that’s what the devil wants.  We are on a better path now.  If you don’t believe it, then please pray for our country.  Diligently.  Persistently.  Without ceasing.   If you do believe it, pray the same way.   There are still dark days ahead because the devil has many tools walking about doing his dirty work. 

I hope your week is just as wonderful as you are!
PS:  I managed to keep it within 500 words.


  1. I prayed a lot about the election; I didn't fast, but did pray. What is a shame are those people that didn't get out to vote and are complaining about the results. I hope the talk of a recount comes to a halt. Time to get the country united (if that can happen) and start working together instead of everyone tearing apart.


  2. That's quite a list!

    As far as the recount goes, shrug, let 'em be. It's our democracy at work and recounting is just counting what's there. If Trump had lost states by such small numbers in some states, he'd be wanting a recount, too, I would think. He certainly hinted at that during the campaign.

    Romney. I was shocked that he was considered, but I've been shocked, too, by the reaction of some of Trump's supporters. I heard Huckabee on Fox carrying on about an apology over the terrible things Romney said/did. I wondered if he had forgotten some of the things Trump said about others. Like calling Ted Cruise "Lying Ted" and then being miffed that Ted didn't endorse him.

    To Trump's credit, his attitude of all's fair during the match, then kiss and make up when it's over attitude is one he has let cut both ways. He expected his opponents to play that way by expecting Ted to endorse him, and he has played that way himself by considering Romney. Trump forgets that not everyone viewed the "game" quite that way. Not everyone is willing to slap backs and have a beer when the playing's done like Trump seems to be. (Tho, I do wonder if he's not toying with Romney just a bit...dangling a carrot now that he's in charge, putting Romney in a position to eat humble pie, then pulling the prize away. But that might be just me ascribing dark motives.)

    Aren't you glad that this world is not our home, but we are just sojourners here? Personally, I've taken a step back. No sense steaming over something I have no control over. I do continue to pray, however, for God does have control.


    1. I have a feeling that Romney may apologize and not get the position. I don't know if that's what Trump is planning on purpose, but I kinda think that's what's going to happen. I guess my biggest shock over this election season was the Bush family. I lost some respect for them.

      I am sure glad there is a better place waiting for us.


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