Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday Museday

Reflections...Deibert Park
Did you lose any friends over the whole political ordeal?   It really was an ordeal, wasn’t it?   Oddly enough, I still have the same liberal friends; other relationships may or may not have survived…time will tell.  It’s incredible how deeply entrenched we can get with our own beliefs, isn’t it?  

Scanning the news headlines, which is normally all I can stomach, I can’t help but wonder why President Obama said he will “speak out against Trump” if he thinks US ideals are at risk, but still remains silent about violent protests, or “peaceful” protesters blocking freeways and doorways?   I am not sure which ideals he would be talking about...what is ideal to liberals isn't ideal to conservatives, hence the two very different political parties.
Facebook is now saying they will “crack down on false news stories.”  It’s about time!  I’ve been preaching “Truth Matters” for quite some time!   I wonder if that is just for conservative sites, or will they pinch the liberal sites as well?  Both are equally destructive to the rebuilding of a healthy, united America. 
My very first blog some twelve or so years ago was with America Online, and they were called journals then.   The name of it was In Quest of Truth, and most of my posts titles began with “In Quest of…whatever the post was about."   I recently found out the domain, inquestoftruth.com was available again.   I bought it, of course!  I don't know what I'll do with it just yet, perhaps write some truth?  Sadly, I have found that people do not like truth…

…but they do like false teaching sites like Jory Micah.  I am not sure if she believes what she’s pushing, or if she just talks to get followers.  Examples from her self-named “ministry” on her Facebook page: “There is no greater feminist than God almighty.” and “God thinks we are all her kids, and is hoping we will get along over Thanksgiving.”   She shows herself to be prideful, seemingly has an aversion to men and correction, but women (and some men) cheer her on.  Always, always study the scriptures!   It's the only place we'll find absolute truth in this sea of deception in which we live!
That’s all the musing I can muster for one morning.  I hope your day is great, and your Thanksgiving is just as wonderful as you are!  Thank you for sticking with me and reading my words…some of you have been with me since AOL journals.  I appreciate you, my friends.  


  1. Geesh with Jory Micah. I hadn't heard of her before. I took a look at her site. Definitely lots of false teaching there. Got to back it up with Scripture and I didn't see much of that going on over there (actually scripture verses, you know what I mean, like what you do when you are talking about something related to the Bible, doctrine, etc.) Jesus did say to be on the alert for false teachers. That is why it is critical, like you said, to be in the Word.

    I have to admit, I was a bit stunned with how the election turned out. I was "glad" Trump won over Clinton, but I didn't see it coming out that way, especially of course with the bias of the polls and the media. You were pretty steadfast in your thought it would be Trump and the reasoning behind it. I am thankful God did intervene and so many people prayed about it. I shudder at the possible outcome it could have been.

    It is always a delight to read whatever words you wrote here :) I can't believe its been over 10 years of blogging, but we "connected" through AOL and I remember being in Montana when we did and we moved from there June 2016. Time flies.

    Happy Thanksgiving! (and you know what, it is going to be a good one. Sharing a new prayer request today. Hoping you'll get it cryptically what I'm saying here. Pray for that certain one that they will fall in love with Jesus (the Jesus you and me know). Without Jesus, they will continue to let the world, the enemy and their flesh dictate their happiness. So if their name happens to come in to your thoughts, just pray that they will come to fall in love with Jesus :)


    1. Their names do cross my mind, and when they do, I will definitely agree in prayer that they fall in love with Jesus. Such a beautiful thought, isn't it?

  2. So, I'm back. New blog, new diet start...same old thing. :}

    I hope our Thanksgiving was blessed.


    1. I've been thinking seriously of blogging about my diet. Not that I've started one yet, but there's hope. haha We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I sent you an email last week, but I am not sure which email address to use anymore...I was wanting to know how your hubby is?


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