Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Confession Time...

In yesterday’s blog, I said “Please don't listen to others bash our president, and please, please don't get involved in the arguments...if they have no one to spar with, those conversations will die out.”

But then last night I forgot everything I’d written and tossed my two cents worth into a conversation about left vs right, they said/we said, they did/we did.   It serves no purpose, and I don’t need to do that.  

I need to remember my job isn’t to fan the flames…which is exactly what I admitted to doing…it’s to show the light of Jesus in me in everything I say and do.  I represent Him on this earth, and I didn’t represent Him last night.  

No, I jumped in with both feet and left an epic comment.   The conversation was, in part, about Barron Trump being bullied, and about liberals vs conservatives and blanket statements.   Someone said it was his parent’s fault for putting him in the limelight, and that if you don’t want to be bullied, don’t bully, which are the comments to which I was responding.  Even though I believe everything I said, I didn’t have to say it, and I don’t have to be rude if I choose to say anything.

My comment in full: 
In the case of the little boy, it's everyone's responsibility to leave a child alone, no matter how much one disagrees with his parents. It seems odd that the Trumps are "subjecting" their family (namely an 11 year old boy) to ridicule and criticism that didn't start until his father entered the political ring. No one castigated the Obama girls, and rightfully so, and their dad did the same thing...ran for President. But instead of blaming liberal media and liberal hollywood-wanna-be-somebodies, you blame the parents. And you wonder why people make blanket statement about liberals? That's why. It's because of the double standards. Your reasoning that "if you don't want this to happen, then don't do that" is flawed. If that were so, no bad things would ever happen to good people.
At the risk of fanning flames...indeed it does have something to do with left vs right. Conservatives don't need teddy bears and coloring books when we don't get our way, we don't take to the streets with bats and matches when our candidate doesn't win as evidenced in the previous two Obama won elections. And finally, we don't get our drawers in a wad just because we see someone saying something about "Conservatives are so ***" because the Good Lord knows we hear it every day from liberals. Every. Day. my friend. If you want to know why we think the greater majority of liberals are evil, it's because of the evil way we are treated.
At this point I am wondering if I should leave it alone, or if I should apologize.   What do you think? 


  1. I feel the exact same way! Personally, I think you worded it very well. I agree, it's best not to fan the flames and I try not to do that. However, we do have a backbone and sometimes it's the appropriate thing to speak up. Remember we are so often called 'the silent majority.'
    I seldom make political comments but during the inauguration I did make some comments about how proud I am! Without blasting the other side, too. I've noticed there's a good amount of anger and hatefulness from the Republican side as well. That's not right either.
    I did speak up and post on Facebook about the bullying of Barron. It's a good thing we did or that SNL writer would never have been reprimanded and it would have opened a flood door of more abuse on an innocent child.
    We have the right to speak up if we do it I the right manner. thats exactly what you did. Just leave your words right where you put them and move on. You never know what good might come from speaking truth in a reasonable tone.
    I'm proud of you!

    1. Thank you, Linda. That's the best advice ever...leave it where I put it and move on. (And I agree...there is ugliness on both sides for sure.)

  2. You spoke the truth in your comment. I would leave it as is; I don't think an apology is necessary.


  3. Margaret. Seriously. Where did you get the idea that speaking your point of view is something that needs warrants an apology?

    Because of your description, I braced myself before I read your quoted comment. And, then, because I thought I must have missed the horrible, out of line, rude part--I read it again.

    I didn't miss it. It wasn't there.

    You provided an accurate explanation of why conservatives feel the way they do, how you perceive liberal words/actions, and the facts of the general attitude towards the treatment of Obama children vs Trump's.

    It was a legitimate presentation of a different perspective.

    Now, if you left something out of your quote that's making you uneasy, I can't speak to that; but what you wrote was just fine.

    I've noticed, and commented on (of course), that you often warn against arguments. It occurs to me that you may have been taught that a discussion or debating an issue is the same is an argument and an example of trying to force your opinion on someone else.. It is not. Discussions and debates can turn into that, but at its core, it is not that.

    One never knows when a sharing of our perspective may provide previously unconsidered insight...or nt. The goal is understanding, not domineering.

    Sighhhh. Of course, I can't seem to contain my self when it comes to sharing my opinion==as this over-long comment shows. So, chuckle, consider the source.

    Hugs, Girlfriend,


    I really do think your comment was a great presentation of perspective. Masterful, even.

    1. That was the full comment. I started to post the whole thread (w/o names, of course) but decided that wasn't my place. The tone of the conversation by the time I jumped in wasn't a debate not quite an argument, but certainly not a friendly discussion. I then felt hypocritical after telling others to not argue, but I sure didn't mind adding my opinion.
      Truthfully, what I said wasn't for argument, because I meant what I said, and wouldn't back down, and didn't plan to defend anything I said, but...well, I really don't want to be seen as a hypocrite. Thank you for your comment and your "masterful" praise.

  4. I think...you posted a three asterisk word that is unknown to me, at least in this form. Could I have a vowel?

    1. That was a fill-in-the-blank with your favorite insult.


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