Monday, January 30, 2017

Nasty Deception

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If you didn't hear Ashley Judd's rendition of Nina Donovan's "poem" at the women's march last week, I do not recommend you do it now!  I was inspired to write a poem; however, in Donovan's non-rhyming fashion, because we really must address and readdress deception and bring light into the darkness of deception and loss of identity for so many of America's women.

Nasty Deception

Nasty words and actions have contaminated our land;
It is where the hatred lies.
Words that serve to distract from
Real purpose,
Real women,
And the real reason we’re here on this earth.

Deception enshrouds you, making you think
That respect is earned by vulgarity
And given upon demand,
By being proud,
By being crude.
But rude, loud women gain no respect.

Deception, when allowed to stand, grows and thrives and destroys.
With it, divisions become boundless chasms;
Dishonesty is named honesty.
Evil is called good,
Good is called evil,
And loud words are mistaken for the truth that is buried in the rubble.

False allegations do not turn to truth,
Dishonest claims gives strength to the  deception, 
Not the person who chose lies over fact.
Stop accusing!
Stop blaming!
Be the change in the pile you seek; be who God made you to be!

No confederate flag can limit you!
The South owns no shackles to chain you!
The grave holds those who are dead
Not those who live,
Those with purpose!
Melanin does not define, God has a plan for every person!

Look up!  Open your eyes, unzip your smile!
Meet all challenges face to face, cease praying to your feet,
Look adversity in the face!  Give others the respect you expect!
Demand Truth,
Stop the nasty!
Step into your true calling and fulfill your destiny!

There is a path to truth, God’s truth, His plan;
His express and written purpose for you,
But you do not know Him!
His love,
His forgiveness,
His willingness to cleanse you from your nastiness.

Shake off the deception, and see who you are!
Release the bitterness and the feminist myths;
Let the past lie in the grave, look to the future
Grow and learn,
And finally realize…
God created women differently, He did not create us unequal! 

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  1. I hadn't seen this poem before. I do like it.

    I do look forward to seeing what you write in February. I would take up the challenge but don't think I have the energy for daily writing (but daily reading I can muster :)

    Not doing A/Z this year either :)


  2. Hi Betty, I wrote this poem in response to the speech Ashley Judd made at the women''s march. Theirs was, well, nasty.

    I'm not writing every day in February. I am just giving prompts in that blog.

  3. I did hear JUdd's little talk and didn't realize she was reciting/reading a poem tho I did think it was some kind of a dramatic reading. Frankly, it left me gasping (literally) and with my mouth open. It was bizarre and evil.

    I was thinking about deception just this morning. I rarely, I mean RARELY, watch the morning news/talk shows, but this morning I sat down with my morning protein shake in front of the TV. I don't know what channel I had on, but it was one of the 3 regular media ones.

    An attorney was on talking about the new immigration related executive order that has resulted in so much chaos at the airports. He veered off a bit from the airport thing and addressed Trumps "unconstitutional" attempt to favor Christians r/t immigration. When asked to explain, he said that the exact working was to give "religious minorities" preference. And followed that with a sneering comment that those words were just code for Christians and it was totally unconstitutional to favor any one religion r/t immigration.

    Now. Wait. These facts were conveniently omitted: Of the immigrants accepted during Obama's terms, less than 2 percent were Christian. Less than TWO percent. And why did we admit these Muslims? Because they are Shiite and were being persecuted by Sunni Isis...for religious reasons.

    Religious minorities are religious minorities. Our country has a history of offering asylum to those who experience religious persecution Nowhere does it say that Christians don't qualify.

    Eh. I can't really give the flavor for the rampant deception in that interview, but it was surely there and packaged in such a virtuously indignant tone. blech.

    And I like your poem. :)


    1. Deception is America's fast growing cancer. I'm going to write another post and that's what I'll call it... America's Cancer.

      Thanks, Deb

  4. Helen Keller was a socialist because she was deaf and blind and therefore had access to only what others gave her. Our country is becoming like that. Or have we always been that way? Remember, the Bible says true Christians will always be in the minority.

  5. I applaud you!!! I did not hear Judd's speech - thank goodness!


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