Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday, Monday, Rainy Days and Mondays

It’s not been my day.

I didn’t sleep well, and finally gave up around 4:30 a.m.   The longer I was up, the more mad at the world I became.

So I cried to Ole Boy and subjected one other person to my poor, poor pitiful me tales of woe, and may have felt a little better, until… 

I wanted to drown my sorrows in Samoas, but someone is refusing to sell me Girl Scout cookies.  You know who you are, thank you very little.

It is pouring rain…and storms are rolling in tomorrow.   My mom used to refer to brewing storms as “coming up a cloud.”   I do not like storms, but this system shouldn’t be too bad. 

I got spammed by Google photos…not sure how they got my cell phone number, but I am accusing Instagram.  The text ended with “text STOP to XXXX” if I didn’t want their messages.  Duh!   But when I tried to text “stop,” I got a pop up box telling me if I replied to the message, I would be charged.  I blocked them. 

My shoe is eating my sock.   I got a heel pad think it would help, and it did, but only a little.   Shoe still trying to eat my sock.   With all the rain, I should have worn my hiking boots anyway, they are waterproof.

And it’s still very early in the morning.   I’d say it can only get better from here, but I know better than to fall for that trick, so I’ll just say, “Thank You, Lord.  The sun will shine again!”



  1. Just have to go to any grocery store here on the weekends and you can get your fill of Girl Scout cookies :) But of course you wanted one this morning, not waiting until the weekend. I hate then when the sock keep slipping down; so frustrating! Let's hope you sleep well tonight!


  2. Chuckle. Hiking boots... Sounds attractive. snicker.

    I hope your day has gotten better!



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