Thursday, February 2, 2017

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Deibert Park
We are now into February, going on three months since Donald Trump was elected president, and still people are acting like imbeciles.   It’s very hard to remember we aren’t fighting flesh and blood as I watch the disrespectful rudeness…and I hate to say it…mostly from women.  Reading comments on Facebook from some college aged girls (and regrettably, some older women), so rude and overbearing, repeatedly accusing others of being exactly what they are, well, it gets disheartening.  These young women may grow up and be the kind of females to wear lady-part hats and have meltdowns when they don’t get what they want when they want it. 

And UC Berkeley?  Those students involved in the “Become Ungovernable” violent protest against letting a republican speak at your college?  America is watching to see if you do nothing and allow this, and if you do, Federal funding should be completely cut off for your university.  What is going on there is not a protest, it is a riot.

Enough is enough, and rational people are tired of the insanity.
And I guess we are also tired of posts like this.  

Speaking of insanity, Hollywood is threatening to go on strike.  But since we know the love of the dollar outweighs their hatred of President Trump, they will only talk about a strike, not do it.  Hollywood on strike would be one of the top five best things that could happen to our country!  Imagine no more Hollywood trash polluting the minds of our citizens!   I only wish they would.  Then maybe some of the production companies who produce good material will put more great choices out!  I hope they produce more whether Hollywood is on strike or not.

About the refugees…America simply must be careful in today’s world.  There’s no choice, we must!  People are having meltdowns over a temporary ban like it is a permanent solution.  This is not the first time we’ve had bans in place, and I imagine it won’t be the last.   Perhaps some are inconvenienced, but we simply must get a handle on who’s entering our borders, and if it takes a temporary ban to protect our citizens, then people will live through it.  

We should help those in need, no doubt about it, but we are also to be good stewards of what God has given us…our freedom, our land, our resources, and we should be taking care of our own first.  When letting others in, we have to use wisdom and caution because there are people who hate America and seek to destroy our great nation.  One protestor, when asked if they were concerned when President Obama put a ban in place, said, “No, because I loved President Obama.”   Really?  Really.

I must remind myself again, “We aren’t fighting flesh and blood.”  We have to remember that, and keep praying for America.  Again, we MUST KEEP PRAYING FOR AMERICA!

And Starbucks!  Does the CEO really think he’s going to sell enough of that overpriced bitter bean juice (laden with sugar to make it drinkable) to cover 10,000 new refugee employees?   That’s a pretty tall order no matter who it is you hire.

One last thought:  We don’t get to choose whether or not the Bible is true…God already did that, and He meant what He said in His word.  We only get to choose whether or not we believe it. 


  1. Hollywood's strike. I had to chuckle. As I read it, I thought, "Well, that would be a good thing!" Only for you to say the same thing a couple of sentences later.

    Immigrants. I agree with what you've said, but the implementation was so badly botched that some people were more than inconvenienced; their lives have been endangered.

    Perhaps it didn't hit the national news... In Philadelphia, a family arrived from Syria on their way to Allentown. They had family waiting for them who had a little home remodeled, furnished, and stocked with food, linens, etc. This family was AT the Phiully airport and Sent. back. home. to Damascus. Damascus, Margaret! :o. They had nothing to go back to, of course, since this wasn't a visit, but a permanent move. Just heartbreaking. Pleas pray for them. The family here was interviewed and said they had voted for Pres. Trump. They were calm (our citizens should take a lesson), but clearly devastated.

    Another family was stopped and turned around in Egypt. The father had been an interpreter for our soldiers. His family included grown children--who had quit their jobs and sold their homes! Again, nothing to go back to. They were also interviewed. The father talked, the rest sat silent, stricken.

    I have been praying that, like the widow in Scripture who wouldn't let the judge alone until he gave her justice, these people would have the ear of someone who could help them get back here. Their visas were legal and both families are in a precarious position.

    That said, I don't disagree with the order--just the roll out. Made Pres Trump look like the novice he is. I listened to Carl Rove on Fox talking about how the roll out should have happened. They need someone like hum to help with the details.

    Finally, don't misunderstand. I am amazed at what Trump has accomplished in two short weeks. I chuckle almost every night as I see the news all aghast as He does what he said he would do. Seriously. What does that say? They act like what he is doing is a surprise--like he hadn't said those things for months and the media and opponents hadn't been railing against those things long before he was elected. Now, it's all a big shocking surprise.

    So. For the most part, my opinion is a positive one. Tut this refugee thing was just bad.

    School riots. Hadn't heard about them. Sounds appalling.


  2. It is definitely important to keep praying for America and to give the newly installed president a chance to work over some of the rough edges of policies he is initiating, etc. Grace should be extended to him like God extends his grace to us.


  3. Let me just say right now - how refreshing to see your post!! I agree with you! We pray every single day for President Trump and our country. I prayed for the other administration too. That's our duty. But is is a delight to read what you wrote to which I can add a hearty AMEN! Yes, it is an inconvenience to some an dcauses problems to others - but this is OUR country. I heard on teh news that other countries were taking issue with America putting AMERICA FIRST! ???? What country are THEY putting first?? I'll stop now. Hats off to you and I'm sorry I am behind in your posts! I will be catching up!!

  4. Berkeley? They rioted in the '70s. They got over it then and they'll get over it now. Young women? They'll grow up like we all did. Hollywood? Actors may strike all they wish. Sooner or later a studio executive will make it clear to them. Why? Most studio heads, whether they want to admit it to the press or not, support Trump. If you have to ask why, do some reading on who built Hollywood.


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