Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday's Uncommitted Thoughts about Something...

Something I know:
If that webby-looking thing dangling from my hair that I see in the corner of my eye is a spider, I know I will compulsively beat myself in the head until either I or the monster is dead. A fight to the death.

Something baffles me:
Why does it take only Saturday and Sunday to gain back everything it took me Monday – Friday to lose? (It’s time to readdress weekend activity and refocus, isn’t it?)

Something I taste:
If you walk past me and I can taste your cologne, you are wearing $40 worth too much…and that particular scent may not cost $40 to begin with.

Something I (don't want to) see:
If I can see the print of your drawers or your thong (translated “hind end cheeks”) through your leotards/way-too-tight tights (that you call “yoga pants"…which would split if you actually attempted yoga) you are not properly dressed for the public. What? You feel body shamed? Please. I feel eye-raped.

Something I cannot understand:
Why have “female parts” become such a thing in the feminist community? How does it make sense to be rude, disrespectful, yell vulgarities, picket, and march demanding, among other things, that women not be viewed as sex objects, while going topless and wearing pink hats representing their under-yonder?

Something I might understand:
I can see how the above behavior could cause misogyny...I’m female, and I’m disgusted by those shenanigans.

Something I question:
Do feminists think with their under-yonder, or with their brain? There are so many better ways to accomplish things. Keep in mind that no matter who you are or what you do, there will be people who strongly disagree with you.

Something irritates me:
Me. I get annoyed with myself when I fight the same battle repeatedly instead of making a firm decision to let it go and sticking with it.

Something for you:
Have a great day.  Make good decisions for yourself and know that not only is it okay to love yourself, it’s a commandment:  Love your neighbor as yourself.  (Mark 12:31)


  1. I'm right with you about those battles. It would be nice just to let them go finally and once and for all.


    1. Yeah, it would be nice. There are those times when I'm sure I've let it go, but then I find myself back at square one. Thankfully, those square one times come less and further apart as the months and years go by.

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    1. Weight gain and decisions! Ugh. I've been irritated all afternoon about decisions that cause weight gain.

      Girlfriend, I promise you, I did not say NEAR as much I could have about "yoga" pants. And yep. Offensive people get offended when someone disagrees with them. I'm in too bad a mood to even think about this right now! (I might say some of the things I didn't say earlier.)

      About loving/hating oneself: I can see why you say what you do...and I think we've had conversations along these lines before. But I believe anyone who cannot love/like themselves will be fully unable to love others or put them first, nor do I believe they will be able to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. Selfish behavior or pampering the self-esteem doesn't necessarily equate to loving oneself.

      The scripture I put out there speaks to me in the way I used it. I didn't go seek that verse out...when I was pretty low (I get that way...not as much as I used to, thankfully) I “happened” to read it. It helped me in a way that I can’t explain to you, but God knows what I needed, and that’s why He spoke to me what I needed to hear in that verse. We can only judge others’ actions based on our own attitudes, biases and experiences. But if you’ve never experienced a deep down self-loathing, when you see someone who is in that pit, you’ll define her based on your own experience, not hers…and you, and most everyone else in her life, will never know the things she does to herself because it’s a private pain, and she won’t share it with anyone.

      Another example of one scripture speaking two different ways to people: Psalm 37:4 - "Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart." That scripture tells me that if I delight myself in Him, He will put right, good, Godly, desires in my heart. To someone who is seeking a particular thing...a career change, to have a child, a ministry...that scripture may say that God will fulfill the desire that is already there.

      Thanks, Deb! I can always count on your for some interesting conversation!

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    3. Ack. After re-reading your comment, it occurs to me that I may have spoken out of turn--or, at least, was unclear. ( Sometimes I can't get print doesn't accurately convey my thoughts/intent.) So, I deleted. No sense muddying up your post. Sorry about that.

  3. Very good thought: Keep in mind that no matter who you are or what you do, there will be people who strongly disagree with you.

    We're probably going to steal that in a future blog about things...just things.

    1. ...and so true, hard to believe not everyone sees things my way! lol


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