Friday, August 11, 2017

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Transgenderism and Sports
Not surprisingly, this is only a real issue in women’s sports.  A man who is a woman in his head still has a man’s body.  Dysphoria is in the mind not the physique, and a man, on average, has greater strength in his legs and even more so in the upper body.  If you don’t like those facts, talk to God…that’s the way He made us.  How can it be fair for women to compete against men, no matter what the men think they are?

After all, if a man thinks he’s a bull, you don’t put him in the pasture.  You get him help and keep him away from the cows.  

Do I think gender dysphoria is real?  Yes, I do.  But the answer is not to dress them in different clothes and chemically or medically alter their bodies.   The answer is Jesus Christ. 

North Korea and President Trump
I remember when Donald Trump first announced his candidacy.  I said that if he did get elected, he’d have us in a war within three months…but at the time, I did not, in my wildest dreams, think he would be elected.   In the end, I voted for him, I support him, and I fully believe God placed him in office.  Oddly enough, I am less worried about Kim Jong-un now than I would have been with the previous administration.  I believe that Trump will do as he says, and removing the Kim regime is in the best interest of the world.   I do wish President Trump wasn’t quite so antagonistic with his comments…but we definitely know where he stands and what he intends to do. 

North Korea needs Jesus, and I am praying that the Holy Spirit infiltrate that country.  Ours, too.    

There are more than one group of people who should be given compensation for past sins if one group gets it.  We should all hope that we don’t get what we deserve…that’s where God’s grace comes in.  What we need is forgiveness.  If you want money, work for it.

The so-called actress…who got her knickers in a bunch because someone called her “sweetheart” and said her dress was pretty…made a Facebook rant that was two and a half minutes long, which was two and a half minutes too long.  My best guess is that this is an attention seeking scheme because she realized her star has faded to the point of obscurity…floating around in oblivion (and you’ll notice her trying to wipe the smirk off her face in the beginning of the video).  

Some people don’t like being called sweetheart, honey, sugar, etc…I understand that.  But is being called “sweetheart” any reason to go to their manager…who, by the way, she :::gasp::: touched!  By her own admission, she shook his hand.   The manager may be like me and hate hand-shaking.  

There are too few compliments in this world.  Please stop subjecting us to your absurdity, Ms. Judd.  You are an embarrassment to womanhood, as you proved all too well in January.  You need Jesus.

Is there a moment when someone is giving you a piece of their mind (which they usually can’t afford) when you just want to say, “Are you talking to your reflection in my eyes?  You are describing yourself!”   

And by the way, when someone is being unfair or baiting you, you do not have to answer the phone, read the text, acknowledge the comment, or remain in the room…walk away…unless you want to fight.  Some people do enjoy a little scrapping.  Maybe some would argue that I insulted Ashley Judd.

The reason I bring up insults is the musings above have a way of getting people riled up, and riled-up folks are not always nice.  They need Jesus.  I do, too.  More and more every day.


  1. You know, that Ashley Judd thing. So far, every time the subject comes up, I initially think it's about Taylor Swift's court case...and then I think that I support Taylor's position and wonder why people are upset with her. At that point, I realize it's not Taylor Swift, but Ashley Judd and her ridiculous assertions. I said that to say this: I can't help but wonder if she isn't producing this personal outrage just to catch some of the attention gong towards Taylor. You know, using her own little scoop and dipping into Taylor Swift's just cause for her own aggrandizement.

    Or not. It could just be me.

    1. I was pleased to see the outcome of Taylor's case. I think Ashley Judd is so into herself she isn't even aware of Taylor's legitimate case. I just do not like her. UGH

  2. I'm so out of the stuff with news these days. I really have no idea what is going on, so not sure what Ashley Judd is doing. I did catch a bit about Taylor Swift and her lawsuit and I think there is legitimate things going on there in her accusations. I found it amusing that the court house was handing out extra seats in the court house to the general public (I can't remember how the general public was selected) but what impressed me were the interview with the teen girls that got picked to attend the trial (at least maybe a day of it, again I'm so out of it). They were proud of Taylor Swift for sticking up for herself with an accusation like this. She told her mom after it happened, I believe she's telling the truth, and the DJ did get kicked out of the award show before it began.

    For a while when I was on an account at work that typed for a children's hospital, there were reports I did for genetics where it wasn't determined based on body parts or lack of body parts whether a child was a male or a female. Often genetic testing would have to be done to determine where their genes placed them. It was interesting that a child presumably born a female based on anatomy actually carried the genes for a male. The dilemma it caused the parents. Has nothing to do with your transgender thoughts, but we do live in a fallen world and yes we all need Jesus, me more than ever.


    1. That's interesting about the children's hospital! Of course, I have heard of females being born with male parts.

      I believe Taylor as well.

  3. I do love these thought provoking posts of yours and when my life slows down a little, I'm going back to read the ones I've missed!
    I'm disappointed in Ashley Judd! I'm proud of Taylor Swift! I pray for and support our president!
    My son posted something on Facebook a good while back but I think of it often......
    It's a picture of someone waking up and stretching their arms out and saying, " Good morning, America! What are we going to get offended by today??"

    1. That quote is the truth! I think people dream up ways they can be offended or cause drama. So tired of it.


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