Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday Musings: The Current Events Edition

I just got back from the Smoky Mountains...hopefully I will have some
photos for you later this week...though admittedly, I didn't take many.   
Musings on Monday....

Dear Tucker Carlson:
I would probably watch your show some, but two people continually talking over each other always did get on my one nerve.

Dear Hollywood:
The LA Times reports that you are suffering your worst-attended summer movie season in 25 years.   Yay!   I hope the trend continues and deepens...and widens...because the money you did make this summer was way-yonder too much.

Dear Hollywood Writers and Producers:
“F bombs” and sex scenes do not make up for a complete lack of creativity.  I wish I was a movie watcher (but thankful I am not) just so I could boycott your trash. 

Dear DNC/Hillary Clinton:

America is watching to see how the rest of the Russia scandal/Trump dossier will play out.  No doubt, it will be interesting.   Things have a way of backfiring.  It is my sincere prayer that Truth will prevail.  

Dear Clinique:
I am ordering some of your product...I sure hope you help my aging skin!   Now if only I could find a way to stop this thinning hair!

Dear Age:
I am not happy with you right now.

After the "music" intrusion, I didn't want a hot dog.

Dear Helen Georgia:
I enjoyed visiting your quaint little alpine village.   But I wish you’d tell the powers that be at Alpine Hot Dogs that folks sitting on the benches outside, minding their own business and enjoying your town, do not want to hear loud, really vulgar rap “music” with language obviously learned from Hollywood, complete with aforementioned F bombs, plus derogatory names for women.   

Dear Dieter:
I believe too much focus on food…what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, etc. sabotages the best-laid plans to lose weight.   I have started a freedom devotional blog (because, as I told a friend…all the world and I need is one more blog!) to help our focus be someone besides the food:  The Weightier Matter.


  1. Sounds like a nice getaway! Not much pickings for movies this summer so I am not surprised with the lack of money earned. Trying to find a way to do something and escape the heat led us to no movies we even had a desire to see at the cost of movies these days and forget the price of water.

    Heading over to your new blog right now.....


  2. Love your musings. I smile, nod and chuckle throughout. Does throughout need a hyphen, I wonder...or is it two words. Sigh. Just pretend I'm literate.


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