Tuesday, November 7, 2017

News Day Tuesday

Bowe Bergdahl:
Dishonorable discharge/no jail time. That made a lot of people unhappy…both he and the judge have been the subject of much discussion. I know he suffered at the hands of the Taliban, but it could be said that he asked for it. People were gravely injured and some are still suffering with permanent injuries as the consequences of his actions. Many lives were put in danger because of his choice. 

I know that Bergdahl had no clue of the repercussions of his decision, but to walk away in Afghanistan? Where was he going to go? The judge used Trump’s very public criticisms as a reason for his leniency. He probably should have gotten some prison time, but he will never live this down. It will follow him until the day he dies. And as it is for everything else, God will have the final say.

Donna Brazile:
Interesting allegations you’ve made. I can believe there was plenty of deception in the DNC, and that Hillary did everything you say in order to achieve her goal. But I have no doubt that Donald Trump would have beaten Bernie Sanders, or any other combination of democratic candidates.

I wonder how she will fare in the coming months in years…it has long been rumored that going against the Clintons can be dangerous.

Ashley Judd:
In a recent interview, she detailed how she was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein. When asked by Diane Sawyer what she would say to him now, she said she would say, “I love you, and I understand you are sick…”

I didn’t see that coming after her hate speech in January, where she honed in on one “locker room” statement (not action) by Donald Trump some 12 years before. Ms. Judd was much more vulgar than Donald Trump was…very publicly and outside of the locker room. Was it hypocritical of her to keep her silence on Weinstein’s continuing actions while attacking the President’s words from years ago?

George Bush:
I always like the Presidents Bush. I liked the Bush family. I wasn’t one who labeled George W. as “the worst president.” (I have my own opinion on that.) Lately, I’ve lost a lot of respect for the Georges. I can understand their silence during the previous administration…that’s how former presidents should behave. But now…where is their silence? I fully believe it is because candidate Donald Trump was disrespectful to Brother Jeb. No matter what Donald said to/about him, Jeb would not have gotten the nomination. People were tired of the same old story, they wanted to turn the page. And they did just that.

I have to ask…if Jeb got his knickers so twisted over the words of Donald Trump, how would he have handled the likes of Kim Jong-un?

Massing Shooting:
My prayers are with the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. I never know what to say in the face of such evil. Just no words. I pray…I tell God about it…as if He didn’t know. I ask Him to send peace to the friends and family, to surround them with His loving presence, to give them strength.

In my head, I wonder, “How do I pray for something like this? I guess I also wonder how God helps people whose lives will forever be changed…and “changed” does not begin to cover what people who live through these kinds of tragedies face.

It would be great if taking away the gunman’s tool of choice would fix evil. But it can’t. Jesus can.  America can argue until He comes back. Too much proof shows that guns are not the only way to mass murder.

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